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Saturday, May 1, 2010

FishVille - Fish Mastery : Fish Statistics (Part 2)

This post covers in detail the statistics for each types of Fishes in each Family. This post will be updated when there are more information available. Bookmark now!

How to see the details

Fish Mastery Screen
Well if you hover your cursor over the Rank 1 of all the Family Types, you will see the stats. Let's look at the first Fish from the First Family - the Longnose Butterfly.

As an example, you see the gray shaded information for the :

Fish Name: Longnose Butterfly
FishGroup: Butterflyfish
Grows In: 1 Day
Sells For: 221 Coins
XP Gained: 270
Costs 83 Coins
Sell Mastery: +3

Buy Icon in Fish Mastery Screen
You may also click on the Buy Icon to see the statistics for the Fish.

I do not know at this point in time, if you could see the same statistics in the Store. So far, only the Longnose Butterfly is available in the store, the rest of the fishes are not. (Correct at time of posting)

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