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Saturday, May 1, 2010

FishVille - Fish Mastery : What To Do (Part 4)

Earlier I wrote about the Family Types for FishVille Fish Mastery and how to see the Fish Statistics. There is also an article on the special type of fishes under each family group. This part, I will share with you how to get your Fish Mastery.

So the basic thing is, harvest or rear more fishes! But is it as easy as that?

You want to level up? 
Easy, just buy and sell as many fishes. The strategy would be to buy and sell Fast Fishes. But for Fish Mastery you need to buy the fishes that are in the Family Group. The fishes with shorter maturity period would be those at Rank 2 and above.

You want to buy the fish that you love? 
Usually the nicer fishes will be those "higher" level fishes, so you need to level up to get to the fish that you love. But fear not. If you just love the Longnose Butterfly (like me), you can just keep buying and selling this fish. You will see be able to level up to the Rank 2, Rank 3 and Rank 4 with it.

Just so you know, when you are at Rank 1, you can rear and sell only the Longnose Butterfly. So even when you have already sold off the 70 fishes (in this case limited only to Longnose Butterfly) required for the Rank 2 , you will still be able to continue to rear and sell another 400 Longnose Butterfly to reach Rank 3. Of course you can choose to go for 400 Latticed Butterfly instead.

(Click here to see a picture that shows you how to get to the Fish Mastery Screen.)

Taking my favorite Butterflyfish Family, you see that at Rank 1, you can buy only the Longnose Butterfly.

When you reach Rank 2, you can buy 2 types of Fishes -  the Longnose Butterfly and the Latticed Butterfly. You will need to have reared and sold off 400 fishes to go to Rank 3 or to reveal the 3rd type of Fish.

My next posts will show you what I have done... Of course don't forget to bookmark my posts, especially the one on the special type of fishes under each family group.

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