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Saturday, July 10, 2010

FishVille - Overview for Discovery Log: Fish & Treasure

I think you are curious on what are the types of fishes you need to keep for the Discovery Log.

Well basically there are 4 types (as of 10 July 2010) of fishes for your Fish Discoveries.

1) Classic Fish
2) Anthias
3) Shrimp Gobies
4) Mastery Fish

You will need 5 fishes for each of the 4 types. More information about this later.

Also, there are 3 types of Treasures you need to collect or keep in your tank to complete the Treasure Discoveries.

1)Mermaid Statues
2) Precious Shells
3) Deep Sea Faunas

You also need 5 items for each of the 3 treasures.

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