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Saturday, May 1, 2010

FishVille - Fish Mastery : Longnose Butterfly

If you are interested to see my previous posts of the Fish Mastery, the links are here:
This post shows my progress of Fish Mastery.

By the way, the Awards Section does not show this Fish Mastery. I hope it goes there soon. Then I can have one more ribbon. So there you go, my strategy works!

Recap of my FishVille Strategy (Game Tip)
1) buy more Fast Fishes (read my post on what are Fast Fishes?)
2) buy the right fishes (read my post on which fishes you should go for, not all are good!)
3) Go for the Awards (check out my awards post)

Okay so now the story proper... Knowing I love Longnose Butterfly you would have guessed that I bought it the first chance I got!

So it is now $83 FishVille Coins (instead of the usual $99 FishVille Coins)

After clicking on the Buy Icon, the arrow turns into an Egg Icon...

My first egg in the tank.... Notice the progress bar appears on the right side of the screen...

Then my second egg... Taken when the first fish is hatched from the first egg and when my second egg is still not matured yet... (See the 2 orange boxes)

I was wondering why the progress bar still shows 1... then I realised the "1" represents Rank 1 and not the number of fishes kept for the Fish Mastery. (See Pink Arrow)

So when I had all 40 eggs in my Tank 2, the progress bar was filled up! I think it was half way because the eggs had not matured yet.

So I went to feed the young fishes... look how happy they were!

These posts show the fishes I reared today

You may want to view my other FishVille posts or surf around my blog. If you like, please visit my Support page.
Share and learn. Learn and share :)

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