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Monday, July 12, 2010

FishVille - Fish Discovery Sales

Just want you to know if you got your fish and chalked up a point (I think one fish give you 10 points, not just 1 point), you can sell it at maturity. You do not need to keep the fish for the duration of the collection set.

I just sold the only Black Pecula in my tank that gave me the 10 points for the Fish Discovery and my points were not deducted.

If you have other tips, please do leave comments so that my other readers can learn too!

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  1. how do you get an algae collection?

  2. HI Anonymous

    I got my Algae collection by cleaning algaes, from either my own tank and also neighbors' tanks.

    I haven't got any from today although they appeared frequently in the last few weeks. Normally I will have to finish cleaning all the algae in that tank before they appear (in pairs or triplets).

    Haven't you got yours? I have got spare items and if you add me as a neighbor maybe I can send them to you.

    The reward is the usual XP and Coins, and you get a notice that says that you have completed that set. Maybe I will do a post to show this...


thQnk :)


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