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Friday, January 1, 2010

Darling No 1 became an Instant genius in decoding the Secrets Of Body Language

After watching for 10 minutes of the Secrets Of Body Language program, Darling No 1 became an instant genius in decoding my secrets! (or so he thought!)

From SCV's online program guide: Gestures, facial expressions and body movement compose 93% of communication. Learn how subtle movements have convinced people and changed history!

He kept teasing me the whole day and finally I got so mad at him! Yes, I told him off.

Well, I have always been interested in body languages and there was a period (I think when I was in Primary 5 or 11 years old) when I learned sign language through the encyclopedia.

Anyways it is important to know what are the Do's and Taboos in the world and what does your body posture reveal about your feelings, health and confidence level!

The program was funny though, when it came to Mr Bush. He really is very comfortable with him and in his own skin! How different from people who tries to lie the lie?!?!

(Oh, these are not TY bears, got them from CK Tangs and they ran out of stock after I got them but this pink one is!) 

Ty Dazzler - Bear Keychain

Sign language is a useful thing to know, but only if people around you learnt it too!

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