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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tweetdeck (for Twitter and Facebook)

Tweetdeck is a wonderful application that works in Windows & Mac for Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and etc.

It allows you to login simultaneously for Twitter and Facebook. What I like about it is that it is fast and instant.

It frees me from the logging in and out of my accounts (even though Mozilla Firefox does a wonderful job in remembering my passwords).

And I like the color scheme (black and gray, call me morbid!) But of course, you can always customize your own color (to shocking pink even!)

The program allows you to customize how you want it to look. (Choose Mentions, and Direct Messages or All Friends for Twitter) and also close or hide these features at a click.

Developer Iain Dodsworth has done a wonderful job. It is extremely fun to use, with great interface (interface = looks or presentation) and you can set it to run like a professional if you want to too.

The Tweetdeck website also features a directory for the uninitiated.

Tweetdeck runs in the background as well. If you click on a link, you can customize it to open in your Internet Browser (eg: Internet Explorer or Morzilla Firefox, etc). This is the same for any picture links. In fact, I customized my Tweetdeck to have the picture links open within Tweetdeck. It is cool!

And oh yes, I am addicted to the tweeting sound. (just like I was to the ICQ uh-uh)

Tweet like a bird and deck on your Face Book with tweetdeck!

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