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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Social networking at the workplace

Page B20 of Straits Times (1 Jan 2010) carries this article (My apologies but I can't find the article online nor do I have a decent camera on hand now). Titled 'Social networking at the workplace', it highlights 2009 statistics from Deloitte.

Personally I feel that all these articles are focus too much on the idea of online communications (for lack of a better description from my limited vocabulary). Are there no other "risks" besides social networking that damages the reputation of a brand/company? How about compound factors? And if social networking has such a huge impact, what is being doing to lessen the damages?

There are like 4,160,000 for a search on social networking at the workplace.

Date 6 October 2009

Website CNET News
Date 19 December 2007

Date 15 February 2009

Website Straits Times

Date 8 Dec 2009

Website Straits Times
Date 4 Jun 2009

Website Straits Times

Date 18 Aug 2009

Website Straits Times
Title Dimwits on Facebook?
Date 15 Apr 2009

Website ReadWriteWeb


A pinch of salt will help lots if you have much to digest.

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