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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

HP Pavillion

I wrote earlier about getting a new PC (read here).

Well, my new staff game yesterday at 7pm.

Here are the pictures.

The parcel came. The bigger one is of course the CPU. The smaller box is the headphone that Darling No 1 ordered for himself. It came together with the invoicing papers.

Several pictures of it.


When I opened the box, this was the first thing I saw.

The instruction manual is so neatly laid out. I am so impressed with this tiny detail. It saves me from looking for this piece of paper and the effort to unfold it even! Such thoughtfulness is commendable :)

 And then there is the keyboard.

Another picture of it.

Yet another picture of it.


And the mouse. Still unwrapped.

 Took out the CPU.

 Another picture of it.

Ash and the CPU.

 My Magic pictures are abit dark, but hey, who cares? (do you? ;p)

Then I started to put them together.


Yup. That is it!

If you haven't notice, the Blue button is the Power Button. I am so loving it!

Technology makes life easier!

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