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Friday, January 15, 2010

My 2nd batch of Irish Scones

Made my 2nd batch of Irish Scones just now. Took me 1hour, including the baking.
 (Recipe here)

Irish scones are abit salty, just nice to my tastebuds.

It is easy to make because you don't have to use eggs. (It is a hassle for me, yes I know what you are thinking!)

Anyways, enjoy the pictures :)

Raw ingredients ( read here)

Irish Scones, baked at 220deg celsius

The half-a-chicken I cooked earlier (with Garlic, Vinegar and Olive Oil)

My dinner

Darlings posing for my camera patiently because they know they will get to taste the yummy stuff!

Aren't they adorable? *wink*

Yummy yummy, try and tell me!

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