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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Why wear a bra?

My friend OG was told by her husband that her MIL (mother in law) asked her to wear bra if she is walking around the house at night. The day she shared this with me and two other close friends, my comment was, why wear a bra?

I cannot find any statistics for Asian woman. But over 90% of North American women wear a bra, many without ever asking why. Bra wearing is not a necessity for most women for their breasts' sake; it is worn for cultural reasons.

Ask yourself: are you comfortable with or without bras. Your degree of comfort would depend on the breast size and your habits. Large and heavy-breasted women need to wear bras for support. Women with small-to-medium size breasts may not feel discomfort if they are not wearing bras. It is a psychological issue and a question of habit: women tend to feel awkward or self-conscious without bras if they are used to wearing them. In fact, if you are used to wearing one, it's possible for you not to think about it or react to a slight discomfort from bras.

Do you sense any discomfort and/or tightness from your bra? Do you feel relief, the kind you feel when removing your belt after a heavy meal, when you take your bra off? If you see red spots or feel itchy after removing your bra, your breasts may be trying to tell you something!

Some bra alternatives

There are many healthy alternatives for dressing bra-free (some women prefer the positive term "brafree" rather than "braless" because they say women don't really need to wear bras).

1. Camisoles
These tops with straps and adjustable clasps, similar to a bra, come in comfortable fabrics from silk to cotton.

2. Men's singlet undershirts
These alternatives act as a 'second layer' of clothing for those body conscious woman.

3. Vests
This acts like a singlet but hide your breast outline or movement by covering outside.

4. Double breasted Shirts
Extra fabric from the pockets covers and conceals.

5. Special tops
You can look for tops with two layers in front and one in back.

6. Loosely fitted tops.
This works well if you are not body conscious.

7. Tops fitted with a bra.
These tops are supportive and shape your body with stretch cotton/lycra.

8. Leotards 
These work as the lining covers the chest area.

9. NuBra 
This brand of bra is just two adhesive cups that you place on your breasts. They keep the nipple from showing through clothing, if that is a concern.

10. Nipple stickers
This allows you to tape up the protuding nipple.

11. Bust Free Bra Cups
These have two cups that cling to the material of the fitting shirt or dress you wear.

12. ZeeBraz
While technically a bra, ZeeBraz is an interesting new kind of bra - developed to allow a woman the freedom to breathe and move and to allow the breasts to be supported in their natural position without being constricted.

Websites to visit
Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation Activities
All Natural

Do you know

the size of women's bra always changes? (source)

Women's body changes with age and this means that the correct bra size will differ from time to time. Or in different life stages like menstrual cycles, puberty, pregnancy, menopause and babysitting.

experts of women's lingerie believe that bras should not introduce discomfort.

typically a woman spends 40 minutes before she finally chooses a bra. 
Yes, that is why woman takes so long to shop! An experienced salesperson will cut down on the time and help to choose the right size.

a poorly fitted bra can bring on permanent discomfort or even breast illnesses.
It is noteworthy that the size of a bra is perfect when a woman can hardly feel that she is wearing it. 

Caring for your body is caring for your health

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