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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dude Advice for Valentines Date

Advice for your Valentines Date (dude version)

Guess some advice is good for the dating dude.

If this is your first Valentines Date, you want to be sure that you do not mention certain things that will break (not make) your relationship. But of course if you want to stop seeing her, these are great ways to break up!

Stuff you don't want to talk about - Your Ex
What you like about her
-her hair
-her face
-her body
-her smell
-her job

What your parents like about her
-her chattiness
-her cooking skills
-her dress sense

How much you miss her
-How much she broke your heart
-How you like that trip you went with her
-How she used to make your coffee

Stuff you don't want to talk about - Your "adoring" parents
What your parents do for you
-Wash your clothes
-Iron your clothes
-Walk your dog

What your parents are going to do for you
-Buy you a car
-Buy you a house
-Meeting you for supper

Stuff you don't want to talk about - Your pets
-What food they eat
-What you do for them

Stuff you don't want to talk about - Current Affairs
-Don't go into politics or anything that requires deep thoughts. (Save this for another date)
-Don't bring up anything that is remotely unpleasant or unhappy.

Enough of what you should not speak of. Now, what can you say to make it an interesting date?

Stuff you want to talk about - Breaking the Ice
A simple 'Hey' tells her that you are talking to her. It makes her feel special.

Stuff you want to talk about -Maintain her attention
Celebrate your time together. Tell her a joke or something that interest you. She will want to know what you are thinking and what interests you. The conversation will flow if she is really into you.

Stuff you want to talk about -  Explore the environment
If you see something funny (like a guy wearing odd colored shirt or a clown walking a dog), tell her. Share with her and she will appreciate your sharing. Be yourself! You don't want to talk about every single thing but only those funny ones. If there ain't any, don't mention anything! And keep your eyes on her.

Stuff you want to talk about - What she is thinking
Ask her what she is thinking. This will show that you are caring and shows concern about her. You can check if she likes who and who (your friends or her friends) or if she likes pendants (if she is wearing one) or if she knows what she is going to do with the present you give her. Anything that makes her think of you.

Stuff you want to talk about - Mind Games 
You can try to play simple games like tic-tac-toe or tell her some jokes (heard of why was the giraffe in the fridge?) Or simple games where you try to press down each other's thumbs while holding hands. She will like you for entertaining her.

That's it for now :) Read here for dudette version or read my other posts.

Dating tips just for you.

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