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Friday, January 29, 2010

Fishville - Tips: Superfood

This is abit annoying, the latest feature of Fishville - Superfood.

It is no longer convenient to feed the fishes with one click!


The next screen shows a white arrow (Farmville arrow ;p) pointing to the existing Food/Feed icon.


There are now 3 types of food you can feed.


The first type is the Caffeine Feed.


The first type is the SuperGrow Feed.

I clicked on the SuperGrowth and fed my Angel fish. Got this notification.


Then of course, as a good neighbour, I always publish all bonuses for you guys.

 Look! After selling my green Scooter Blenny, I dropped an Annularis Angelfish egg (from SJ's gifting). It became a 10.1% immediately!


But I still am not wowed by the new feed. Because it is no longer easy.

Fishville with updated features - like all things - grewed up.

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