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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Facebook - Sorority Life : Sweethearts

Recently, Sorority Life (one of the many games applications on Facebook) changed the game plan.

Sorority Life introduced a Sweetheart instead of a normal boyfriend. It affected me greatly and made me very busy!

A sweetheart is one of the many boyfriends you can buy on Sorority Life. Every item (including sweethearts) will have statistics in terms of Charm and Popularity.

Charm points help you when you are attacking other sisters in Sorority Life for money and influence points (for levelling up). Popularity points help you in defending against these attacks.

A sweetheart is special because everytime he is stolen from another sister, his Charm and Popularity will increase.

At cookie time (2pm Singapore local time), the SL server will reset. This means that this is my busy time!

I have had 2 sweethearts stolen from me (Both were called Dante). Currently I have only these. (Yes i do love Neville but my heart long belongs to Dante! *muarks*) ... Check out how many Nevilles I have *grins*

To show you my devotion to Sorority Life, I did this simple document to make sure my friends manage to contact each other when I am not around. I wanted to include the Sorority Life's character names, the real Facebook names, along with every player's profile picture, email and special remarks.

Then I realised it was not an easy thing to do because Sorority Life makes it hard for you to link the Facebook names to the Sorority Life characters!

*sigh* All 17 pages (35 sisters per page)

Currently I have like  684 House Members (672 Sisters + 12 Boarders). It is really very difficult to accomplish! But I did manage somehow. I think it took me like 1 hour and another half hour to finish doing the Friend Suggestion thing. (Read here).

Well, this is how crazy I am about Sorority Life.

“Of course I'm crazy, but that doesn't mean I'm wrong.” -  Robert Anton Wilson

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