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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fishville - Tips: Friend Food (New feature)

Hi guys

There is a new feature in Fishville - Friend Food.

It allows you to food a maximum of 3 fishes in your friends' tanks. Each friend a maximum of 3 fishes. This is cool!

Feeding your friend's fish gives you 1 XP. This gives you a maximum of 15 XP per day for feeding.

Help a friend help you!


  1. where i can buy this food

    thank you

  2. Hi Anonymous the Friend Food cannot be bought anywhere, not even from the Store.

    You will see the friend food at your friend's tank. Only 5 is available per friend per 24hrs. This 5 is rationed to all the tanks at the same friend. Even if he has 1 or up to 8 tanks.

    Also the Superfoods have been retired. I suppose you can still get it from gifts (was still there when I checked my gifts last week). Will update on the food this weekend. Stay tuned!


thQnk :)


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