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Monday, January 25, 2010

Farmville - Printscreen 201001252220

Hi guys, after talking about Farmville for so long, it's time to show you how it looks like!

I've completed most of the awards. My last 2 awards were the Fenced In and the Architect Awards. I bought 150 fences at 1 go. Then I went to buy 32 tents to complete the 2nd award.

Right now I have 32 tents 5 dairy farm, 1 chicken coop, 1 carnivar tent, 1 chicken booth, 1 fruitstand, 2 wells, 2 grain silos, 1 garden shed, 1 toolshed, 1 ticket booth, 1 red barn. Phew! 50 buildings in total!

Hear the Farmville music, tell me if it is chirpy?

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