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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Facebook games I am addicted to

I am trying to get myself out of my latest addiction... facebook games!

Been trying not to explore new games by ignoring invite!

The games I am playing are Sorority Life (this is different from Sorority Row), Mafia Wars, Fishville, Farmville, Bejeweled Blitz, Mobster 2: Vendetta and Vampire Wars. All ranked in the order I value.

Are you addicted like me?

Sorority Life is the first facebook game I play. It really represents how I want to be popular and likeable if I can be. It also shows how much of a flirt if I would allow myself to be (I have 445 boyfriends (most of them are the Nerdy Neville *lol*)

I have made friends who inspired me to make cookies, Sisters who unreservingly helped me, playmates who sends me stuff regularly (some even on daily basis!) and strangers have turned into friends, but it is not all good. There are catfights going on and hidden political agendas! I never expected this in online game! Why are these people treating a game as RL? Though I fight people, I do my best for my Sisters (with a capital S). And I save up (even when I get scolded by the bank - How about some serious cash? *lol - laughing out loud*) Seriously, I am a good girl!

Mafia Wars was my second game, introduced to me by my long time internet friend HC. He got me and Darling No 1 to play it. In fact, he sent me so many game invites, I think he lives his life playing games (instead of spending time with his beautiful wife and naughty son! Or working!)

This game appeals to my fighter instinct. I play this game better than I do Warcraft (my all-time favourite game that I cannot master!) There are strategies and loots to collect and overall a very mindless and yet strategic game. (Am I making sense?) Mindless because you can just click and click without thinking anything? and strategic becaue you can plan how you spend your energy. But of coz my Darling No 1 plays it better than me. (Is he reading this? He must be getting a kick out of this)

Fishville and Farmville are my bookmarks because of their kawaii factor. The fishes give a smile whenever they are fed and I get to rear yellow color fishes (Longnose Butterfly).

I had a Yellow Dolphin once. She did not look very yellow in the picture because the camera stresses her. But she was yellow alright! (Picture taken in 2003)

My Farmville is in a mess now but (here comes the excuse *wink*) I am saving up money to expand. Animals are all over the place and my crops are not aligned in any order! This game is cute because the animals don't die (only plants wilt but they don't look too awful). You can't order/move the animals around if they are busy! (Wish my Darlings No 2 and Darling No 3 will NOT behave like them!) However it is laggy!

My idol's farm (AK) is so much neater! But he is a neat person in real life (like me!).

Then of course come my favourite visual game of Bejeweled Blitz! The game is really smooth and so fun! It is really a girl's game too! (No no no, 40050 is NOT my personal high score, it is just a screen shot for the graph!)

Mobster 2: Vendetta is also about fighting but not as fun as Mafia. I am still playing it because of a good friend TB. He really goes out of his way to help me! This is the avartar screenshot.

 Vampire Wars sounds hip so I am still playing it. Remember Interview with the Vampire? (Yes, that is how old I am!) It also reminds me of twilight!

Do tell me about your favourite facebook games!

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