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Friday, January 1, 2010

MSN Hotmail floods my Inbox!

I don't understand.

Was it me (and my itchy fingers which did some settings to my contacts' birthday dates) or MSN Hotmail who had set the default birthday dates to 1, Jan?

I got this flood in my Inbox when I checked it just now!!!

It's irritating to me because I need to spend a few precious seconds to check the 'select all' button and wait for the page to reload again - a total of about 5 minutes toWindows Live remove the 4 pages of Windows Live Calender Birthday Alerts (read about Birthday Song here). Though I do appreciate Hotmail's thoughfulness, I do think it defeated it's birthday of giving me fake reminders. Do I really have 4 pages of contacts whose birthday falls on 1st of January? You decide.

I wish all of you a sincere Happy Birthday, whethere or not your birthday falls on Jan 1st :)


  1. I got the same stupid crap. So I wake up to my iPhone chimming ever 15 minutes EARLY in the morning..not how I want to wake up Jan 1! I ran to the computer to try and figure out how to kill the alert option. the best i could do was delete the birthday calendar. i never turned it on anyway. must have been a new MSN "Feature" of 2009! Too bad they defaulted everyone to Jan 1! idiots. I am a UX designer and would NEVER do that.

  2. yup! I don't recall having this problem on Jan 1st, 2009.


thQnk :)


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