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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Facebook - Sorority Life : Charm Points and Popularity Points in Items

Oh here is what you will want to know: How to find out the Charm Points and Popularity Points in the items you use for your fights for the Sorority Life game applications for Facebook.

Step 1: Fight someone. When you are at the fight page, (after fighting someone), you should see something like this. A page that tells you how much you have won (or lost) and the influence points you gain.

In my example, I won $4 and gained 34 influence points with my 511 sisters. I am at level 100plus with 11 boarders when this picture is taken.

Step 2: Click on the Details button for your character. This will expand your inventory list of items you and your sisters brought to the fight. I have many different items, so it is abit long.

Step 3: Scroll (use the Page Down key on your keyboard) to the last few items on your list.

Step 4: Analyze your items. In my example, my last few items are:

40 Brooks Brothers Silk Robes - clothing
4 Amber Blazers and Skinny Jeans - clothing
123 Hybrid Prius - rides
11 Relaxed Cardigans - clothing
12 Valkryie Communte 9-Speed Bicycles - rides

After you know how to find out the Charm Points and Popularity Points in the items you use for your fights for the Sorority Life game applications for Facebook, you can begin planning how to improve your attacks.

From my example, the items tell me that I need to get higher glam items for clothes and  more glams for clothing and rides.

Another example. My friend SJ sent me her list. Her last few items were:

1 T-Shirt and Shorts - clothing
1 Pledge Dress - clothing
1 Brooks Brothers Silk Robe - clothing
1 Patrick the Pretty Guy - boyfriend
1 Hybrid Prius - rides
1 Fletcher the Frat Boy - boyfriend
1 Serge the Foreign Exchange Student - boyfriend
18 Valkyrie Commute 9-Speed Bicycles- rides

Hence my advise to her was to glam up her sisters with more rides and boyfriends since these are the last few items. No doubt she also needs to top up her dresses too.

As you can see from the pictures the Charm Points are the same for the 3 clothings.

But the Charm Points are different for the boyfriends, namely from Patrick, Fletcher and Serge.

Again we can see this for the Hybrid Prius and the Bicyles.

Thus it is very useful to see the last few items of your Glams. 

Remember, get higher glams than the existing items you have.

And one last tip, never ever sell any glams items in Sorority Life. You will need it later!
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The first thing I bought in Sorority Life with the BPs was the PORSCHE 911 TURBO.

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