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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

must-have apps for new PC / laptop

yeah! my new PC is finally here.

I am so impressed with HP's packaging! Read here

These are the must-have apps (applications) for new PC / laptop:

Mozilla Firefox - read the dummy guide here Firefox For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech))

I love this browser because it allows you to customize and include Add-Ons. Add-Ons are like mini programs or accessories for the main product (Firefox). Just like earrings to complement your outfit. But they have a purpose. Read here for more information: Mozilla Firefox extensions or more in-depth information.

Read this if you want know why you should switch browsers.

I downloaded the Themes as well as google toolbar since I support Google :)

And then I got myself some more anti-virus software. It came free with the Adobe Flash *yeah* If you are looking for free antivirus programs, here are some for you, from Cnet This is a great website, a one-stop for all programs, even drivers.

And then I decided I needed some utility programs, like drivers. Because I am using this Acer AL1717P monitor. It looks something like this: Acer V173BM 17" LCD Monitor. But it is a gray version. I love it because it has built-in speakers and I don't have to get speakers for it. But it is weak though and I still attach earphones when I want dramatic sound effects :) This is the exact one I am using now. A gift from Darling No 1. (Speaking of him, he got me this PC too *smile*)

Also if you always transfer files, it is good to have either Winzip or WinRar. I also recommend VLC as your main music or video player as it plays most files. It is so user friendly that I fall in love with it. Thanks to JC (my ex-colleague) who recommended me this.

She also introduced me to Skype. It is the official communication program in NHG, where I worked for a short period of time.

Then next on my list was the windows download. Well, I wanted to update my windows and I tried so hard to find the update windows icon on the Start Menu. Well, there isn't one!

(This is my current screen layout by the way)

And then I went to see what is new in Windows 7 here and what are the top downloads (they must be good if everyone is getting them?) And I peeked at what are the new programs on the market, just to keep myself up to date.

And as I am a visual person, I need some good simple picture editing programs. I wanted to get SnagIt (read more) but then there is already a program call Snipping Tool. So there is no need for me to go get anything. And of course I pinned my favourite program Paint to the start menu.

So far so good. And not to forget my online buddies, I went to download Windows Live Menssenger (Guide Help for Windows Live Messenger) and the Windows Live Mail. Please don't ask me if I went along with the default installation setup - NO! of course NOT! I refuse to use Bing and I did not like the other applications that were offered in the Windows LIVE Essentials sets (stuff like silverlight and what-nots).

If you want to find out more about Windows 7, here's your bible.

I believe in Open-Source. Find out why.

Then I installed ICQ because I am a sentimental person (it was my second chatting program, MIRC being the first). I may download MIRC later :)

As you can see, i spent alot of time doing my setup. But it is easy to do and you can do it too :)

Do leave me a message if you want to join me in Facebook, Twitter, ICQ, MSN or Yahoo!Chat.

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