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Friday, January 1, 2010

Fireworks display at Marina Bay 2010 New Year countdown

Goodness, did you see the fireworks display at 2010 New Year countdown at Marina Bay?

I saw the repeat telecast of the event this morning. Was the fireworks alot longer than the 2009 Singapore National Day Celebration (view official NDP photo montage here) or was it my memory failing?

Anyways if you were there and took some great photos, you may want to share it at the Marina Bay Countdown website here.

The website also shows official videos of the event.

You can also browse Youtube videos of the fireworks here. Or view CNN's global celebration here.

PS: I was wondering why someone commented in CNN's telecast (something like this, I forgot the exact quote): Did you know it was not only a full moon but it was also a blue moon? I found out that Blue Moon means A blue moon is a Full Moon that is not timed to the regular monthly pattern (source). I had taken it to mean literally that the moon was blue.

The Moon Does Appear Blue on Rare Occasions

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