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Monday, March 8, 2010

Facebook - Unfair warning!

Oh no!!!

Got this Security Check "warning" from Facebook...

Am I mis-using Facebook's site features? They have determined that my Facebook account may be block. But I had like 40plus friend requests and so many gifts to clear, just because I did not log in Facebook to clear those requests on Sunday.

So do I let the requests remain in my box?

I have so many game friends, for every friend requests I accepted, there are like 4 more to accept.

Those on the right side of this picture below are the examples of friend requests to accept. I have already accepted those on the left side of the picture.

Imagine I have like 20 friend requests, that will give me a total of (20 * 4 = 80) new friend requests.

Is this fair to me?
I should go and do a printscreen of how many friend requests I have every single day. And let them prove to me that they think I am being annoying or abusive?

Facebook does not think of its own prompts

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