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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Review - The China Study - By T Colin Campbell (6)

This is the Part 6 of my review of The China Study - By T Colin Campbell. Do a search for previous parts at my search box or click here to find them or look for The China Study label.

In case you are interested, below are the links for the paperback version and the hardcopy version.

I would like to highlight on this statement:

We found that calories were "burned" at a faster rate and transformed into body heat as more oxygen was consumed.

I like this as I understand that it means that as we exercise, the calories are worked off more. So it means if we exercise more, we can eat a lot more food without gaining more weight! Of course this means that we need to know how much exercise is required…

And this:

Generally speaking, you can eat as much as you want and still lose weight-as long you eat the right type of food.

I guess in another words, it means a balanced diet of plant-based food. This does make sense since it does not involve over indulgence and I do not need to curb my appetite. I did try this over the last few days and yes, eating more does not mean that I favor certain food groups more. It simply means more of everything! I also agree with this, since psychologically you feel better when you don’t consciously restrict yourself.


… animal protein, unlike plant protein, increases the acid load in the body.3 An increased acid load means that our blood and tissues become more acidic. The body does not like this acidic environment and begins to fight it. In order to neutralize the acid, the body uses calcium, which acts as a very effective base. This calcium, however, must come from somewhere. It ends up being pulled from the bones, and the calcium loss weakens them, putting them at greater risk for fracture. 

I suspect this is why animals savages both the meat and the bones if they can digest it. This should be able to control the calcium losses. Does it mean that we should start to eat bones? I think this is unthinkable, since in the first place, this can be avoided with a plant-based diet. However it does bring me to another point, why is this fact that calcium loss from the body’s natural reaction to counter acidity is not a well-known fact?

Then does calcium fortified coffee or another food or drink that we consumed work better?

I believe this is unanswered. But then again, why do you want to counter the problem when you can avoid it altogether?

Another point:

Vitamin A can be readily made by our bodies from beta-carotene, and vitamin D can be readily made by our bodies simply by exposing our skin to about fifteen minutes of sunshine every couple days. Both of these vitamins are toxic if they are consumed in high amounts.

I always thought that eating food like carrots (or any food with high beta-carotene) supplies our body directly with Vitamin A. Turns out it does not work that way. Instead, it require the body to manufacture Vitamin A instead. And the exposure to the sun does not give us Vitamin D but instead, it tells our body to manufacture Vitamin D (by supplying some pre-conditions).

Well and good that I have corrected my misconception. To the point that these vitamins are toxic in high amounts, I guess this is a warning about over-reliance on supplementary tablets and pills.

The point about Vitamin B12 is interesting:

It is estimated that we hold a three-year store of vitamin B12 in our bodies. 

Why do we carry on consuming the supplementary tablets if our body is able to store it?

These are the points that I find it interesting to muse over. Perhaps you should also think about the food that you eat and consciously and actively eat your way to good health.

I definitely have modified my eating habits.

I strongly encourage you to read this book.

Everyone is responsible for their health

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