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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Review - The China Study - By T Colin Campbell (5)

This is the Part 5 of my review of The China Study - By T Colin Campbell. Do a search for previous parts at my search box or click here to find them or look for The China Study label.

In case you are interested, below are the links for the paperback version and the hardcopy version.

Certain parts of the book is definitely meant to be controversial:

Can you guess what food we might eat to most efficiently provide the building blocks for our replacement proteins? The answer is human flesh. Its protein has just the right amount of the needed amino acids. But while our fellow men and women are not for dinner, we do get the next "best" protein by eating other animals.

The book states that Vitamin C primarily comes from fruit, and eating fruit was also inversely associated with esophageal cancer. However I do not see esophageal cancer as being a major disease when fruits are not eaten frequently or regularly. I am not discrediting him however. I do feel that it is important to have regular plants – based meals with less animal – based food.

I believe that if you eat more of one, you will tend to eat less of the other.

Another controversy statement is this:

Consuming diets high in protein and fat transfers calories away from their conversion into body heat to their storage form-as body fat (unless severe calorie restriction is causing weight loss). In contrast, diets low in protein and fat cause calories to be "lost" as body heat. In research, we say that storing more calories as fat and losing less as heat means being more efficient. I bet that you would rather be a little more inefficient and convert it into body heat rather than body fat, right? Well, simply consuming a diet lower in fat and protein can do this.

I do not understand why was this never broadcast? In fact, this is a well-observed fact from my friends. Personally I always eat more carbo than them but I am slimmer in build and likely to have lesser overall fat-to-bodyweight percentage than them.

Now I am thinking, what if I keep eating plants protein, does that mean that I will get fat too? The answer is no, he feels that it will only maximize the growth potential while minimizing any negative health risks.

I strongly encourage you to read this book.

Everyone is responsible for their health

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