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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pets - Safety

One thing that is of very real concern to me is the safety for my Darlings.

They are always there for me, even after I scold them in frustration and they always come to comfort me. And to share my food (or do their begging and pleading with their lovey dovey eyes).

And they have only me to take care of them. Who else can they go to?

So are your pets to you. Please take care of them and NEVER abandon them. Imagine your parents abandon you...

Thus it is totally up to you to take care and protect your pets against:

If you use insecticides, or toxins against cockroaches, ants, lizards, rats, mices, etc... Please make sure your pet does not come into contact with these. 

Actually flea and tick sprays are equally poisonous to your pets, believe it or not. It is only stated safe because the effect is not as great on them. But try not to use these if you can help it.

Medicines or drugs or chemicals
Regardless if it is for human consumption or for your pets, these should not be easily accessed by your pets (let alone small children). Overdose is a serious case, be it pain relief medications like panadol or vitamin supplements. This also include all cleaning agents you use (liquid soap, anti-clogging powders, or even sprays... etc)

Food or Beverages
Nobody will think this is an issue with pets. But do you know that some pets are allergic to certain food? The same food you love are harmful to your pets: Chocolates, oranges, raisins, grapes, peanuts, chicken, etc... This include beverages like alcohol, coffee, soft drinks which can be too acidic or addictive!

Some plants have poisonous saps or simply cause certain reactions when consumed. You also do not want your plants to be urinated on or eaten by your pets too, right?

You should always keep a list of contact numbers of your Vet so that in case of emergencies, you can eliminate any delay for immediate help.

Do also learn CPR for your pets. Yes, you can do CPR for dogs or even cats.

Keep their environment (and your environment) clean. Stuff like dust or fur that are invisible at a distance are really very clear to them. I have tried to place myself at their height and found "the world" to look quite different! Smells are different and objects appear really looming. (taught me not to stack things up too high, in case things fall on them Haha)

You want to treat them as you treat yourself. After all, they treat you like one of them too.

Be responsible. You can do it.

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