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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Recipes - Green Bean Soup

I have been boiling Green Bean Soups for the past 3 days and drinking the soup really cools the body and remove heatiness.

I used 3/4 cup of green beans, 6 red dates, 1 cup of white fungus and boiled with around 2 litres of water. Please add rock sugar or white sugar to taste. Personally I drink it without sugar because I do not like added sugar. You can try to have more red dates but more red dates will make the drink less cooling.

I let the pot cool down 3 to 4 hours before drinking it. It will be quite thick the more you let it sit.

The potful of softened green beans and the expanded white fungus will taste really palatable if you like mushy stuff. If not, a few table spoonful of these and 2 cups of this soup will cool you down.

SJ also suggested boiling barley but I have yet to try it yet.

This was in part because of the Chinese New Year cookies I have been snacking on... I loved the Prawn Rolls from Bee Cheng Hiang or

You should try their Prawn Rolls if you have not tasted it before...

Pictures from their website:

You may want to read up on your own regarding Traditional Chinese Medicine here at Shen-Non site on:

Body Constitutions
Dietary Advice for Different Body Constitutions
Health Topics

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