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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Farmville - Pot of Gold (Comparisons)

For the latest addition to Farmville, the Pot of Gold has created a gold rush quite literally! If you have not been stuck by the gold fever, you should!

You will be able to view the gold you have collected against the rainbow scale. Quite nicely put, since the pot of gold is always found at the end of the rainbow.

The rainbow chart will tell you how many Gold Pieces you have redeemed and collected. The complete set of items are unavailable yet, so I am not making a rush for it though...just a dash only!

If you want to see how your friendly neighbours are doing, just click on the Comparison icon and you will find the number of Gold Pieces each person has in their Pot.

Farmville seems to want to encourage everyone to join in the Gold Fever... Zynga is allowing everyone to share a free pot of 10 gold pieces with their neighbours with every 5 gold pieces collected.

And I have done mine here... a good 5 pieces of gold!

Perhaps this is to prevent the feeds from going crazy...

Join me in the gold rush!

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