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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Facial Mask

Now I am using this facial mask. Bought it 1 week before Chinese New Year, at a shop in Westmall.

My Darling No 1 laughed at me. He said he had been nagging me for years to get one but 15minutes into the shop, I was persuaded by the Aunty to buy.

He did not think that it was actually his years of nagging which were triggered by the Aunty. How can I be so easily persuaded by a stranger?

The 75ml Camphor Mask is from Biologie Pierre Boutigny. It is suppose to soothes, absorbs the excess oil and lifts the impurities, eliminates dead cell and dark overpigmentation. It reduces the formation of black heads and white heads, closes enlarged pores, leaving the skin smooth and soft

* Camphor is a waxy, white or transparent solid with a strong, aromatic odor.

Here are the photos of my $60 damage:

And of course my picture... (don't be scared! Scroll down slowly...)

(I look something like this but not as pretty)

Haha, did you get a scare? I do hope this product works for me! Have used it for a couple of times and it seems to work abit. Hope to get a flawless (or less flawed) complexion *gins*

Testing a new product for the new year :)

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