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Monday, March 8, 2010

Jack Neo

He admitted that he is entirely to blame (is this grammatically correct?) for his affair with the 22-year-old.

Despite this, his many acclaimed movies and his famous Liang Po Po personality are not affected. Many internet surveys show that the online community is not affected by this black mark.

The news conference held on Thursday morning (11 Mar 2010) ended when Mdm Kng started crying. She fainted while leaving the stage. Neo's entourage then cordoned them and helped them exit the conference room amidst the photographers and cameramen who swamped in for the visuals. (Source)

This apparently became the breaking news for Straits Times: (Source & Source)

Mrs Neo, aka Irene Kng, revealed that she had suspect the affair a year ago. I wonder if this is a speech that was drafted for her to repeat for the closure for this episode.

This would not hold water if the other "affairs" were to be true (a 25-year-old actress-hostess and a 21-year-old French student).

It take strength for her to be in the limelight and I feel for her when she undergoes emotional turmoil.

She also has to hold up a brave front for her four children, aged six to nineteen.

This unfortunate episode, makes me feel that the involved parties are all responsible for their own part:

Jack Neo - Should have been more responsible to his family and aware of his reputation
Irene Kng - May have to be more strict with the husband in future.
Neo Children - May be taunted by friends or grow up to be infidelity adults?
Wendy Chong - Needs to be more mature in future and consider how her actions will affect other people
Chong Dad - Needs to be more strict with his childen and teach them ethics.

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But what of it? Could this have been avoided?

Life still goes on

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