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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cover Letter for Job Application

Now that the economy outlook is better, I have some tips for writing cover letters for job applications.

You will want to:

1) Explain why you are sending your resume. Indicate clearly in your resume what you want
Eg: A permanent Position with the Company or Depositing your Resume or Enquiry for an Internship Opportunity)

2) Describe how you come to know about the Job or the Company
Eg: Job site or Word of Mouth recommentation

3) Show that you have read about the Company
Eg: Re-state something that you have read about the Job Requirement or the Company's Motto

4) Attract the Company to browse your resume
Eg: Convince the Company to look at your resume

5) Highlight your talents that are relevant to the Job
Eg: Education, experience, special hobbies  

6) Show your personal style
Eg: Present your attitudes, personality, motivation and enthusiasm  

7) Provide additional information that are not covered in the job requirements.
Eg: Recommendation Letter, Availability date, or Past Job References  

8) Indicate your plans
Eg: Tell the Company what you want to do next, follow up on the email, or contact them after your short trip as you will not be contactable during the trip

9) Round up the letter
Eg: Thank the Company and leave your contact details for their easy reference.

10)   Send the email with your resume
Eg: Remember to indicate your request on the email title/subject.

If you need me to help you with your resume, leave me a comment to contact you :)
Work for what you want

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