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Friday, March 5, 2010

Fishville - Message

I posted about leaving messages on Farmville (read here) and I should mention about leaving messages in Fishville too...

I got my friend SJ to leave 2 type of messages - Public (Orange) and Private (Yellow) in my tank 1.

Before reading the messages, I checked my emails, Facebook Messages and Facebook Notification but there was nothing.

I went to my wall and there was nothing about Fishville. Then I visited SJ's wall and found that she has a message like this:

So apparently when you leave messages in your neighbours' tank, they get the board or the glass bottle in their tanks only and are not notified via email or Facebook Wall notices or Facebook Notifications.

Then SJ tried to delete the messages she has left for me. She says she can delete only the public message.

So here goes....

First I clicked on the message...

 This is what the Public Message looks like:

Glitch! It does not show the message at all! SJ suggested that it maybe because I am viewing in Chrome. I will try in the afternoon with Firefox.

Then I went to read the Private Message...

Here is how the Private Message looks like:

Thanks SJ for your help!

Fishville Messages... good for bad?

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