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Thursday, March 4, 2010

How to Edit your Fan Page on Facebook

If you are like me, you did not know how to remove certain Fan Pages from your Facebook profile, look NO further.

Step 1
Log into Facebook and on your Info Page click the application you want to remove
For my example, I am removing Bejeweled Blitz (2nd blue icon in the picture below)

Step 2
Once you are at the Fan Page of the application, scroll down. Click on the "Remove me from Fans" link.

Step 3
You will see "Become a Fan" Button on the top of the screen once you have removed yourself as a Fan.

On your Info Page, the icon will be gone.

If you regretted your decision, you can always reverse it. Simply click on the "Become a Fan" icon again! You will see the "Remove me from Fans" once you become a Fan.

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