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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How to send your blog posts to Twitter

If you already have a Twitterfeed account and want to know how to send or publish your blog to Facebook or Twitter, this is the right place.

Summarized Steps

1. Log into Twitterfeed account 
2. See where your blogs are being sent to currently (Under Dashboard in Twitterfeed)
3. Tell Twitterfeed where else you want to send your blogs to (Under Edit)
4. Give Twitterfeed your details (like logging into Twitter or Facebook)
5. Tell Twitter you want to let Twitterfeed talk to it (aka giving permissions)

Here are the details... (I think you are getting nerdier when you really read these... ;p)

Step 1

Go to Twitterfeed at and log in

Step 2
After you have logged into Twitterfeed, you will be able to see your previous setups 

The Pink color in my picture below are the posts that have been published via TwitterFeed.
The Blue color are the places where your posts have been sent.
The Purple color is the place where you want to go (EDIT)

Step 3 
Click on the Application where you want to send your blog posts to. Example Twitter, Laconica,, Hellotxt or Facebook.

Good job!

Find my previous post here or just do a search at the search box around this page.

Facebook and Twitter for blogging is easy!

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