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Monday, March 1, 2010

Twitter - Importing blogs (How to)

This post follows my previous post on how to publish your blog to Facebook automatically. This one tells you how to send your blogs to Twitter using Twitterfeed from Start to End. If you have already setup a Twitterfeed account previously, click another post to read how to jump right in.

Find my previous post here or just do a search at the search box around this page.

Summarized Steps
1. Log into Twitterfeed account and tell Twitterfeed where to find your blog site (aka Feedburner URL)
2. Tell Twitterfeed what is your Twitter account (aka logging into Twitter)
3. Tell Twitter you want to let Twitterfeed talk to it (aka giving permissions)

Here are the details... (I think you are getting nerdier when you really read these... ;p)

Step 1

Go to Twitterfeed at

Step 2
Put in your email and choose a password for Twitterfeed (Pls do not use your email password! Read my post on Scams here)

Step 3 
Put in a name for the feed that you want to have your blog posting sent from. The example I am using is of course my blog. I am calling it Lynspirations (no prizes for guessing!). Then you need to have the RSS feed URL. This is a useful tool that Blogspot gives you.  

The RSS Feed for Blogspot is the Feedburner. To access it, log into your Blogspot and go to Settings > Site Feed.  You will need to enable it if you haven't done so. I could post some pictures, but a faster way for you would be to just click "Yes" on every single thing you see on the screens (this is what I do when I reinstall Windows all the time!)

You can further customize the frequency, etc of how Twitterfeed will update your postings.

Step 4
Once you have put in the correct things (and these are easily if you follow my easy to do steps), you are done! You will see the green color highlight that tells you that your feed was successfully created.

You will then click on "Twitter" icon.

Step 5
Click on the "Authenticate Twitter" icon.

Step 6
You will be ask to let Twitterfeed access your Twitter account. Click on Allow to continue.

Taste Success!
You will see these once you have created the feed for your Facebook and Twitter. (of course you have to write something on your blog first... )

You may also want to read on how to reach out to more people using Facebook:

Find my previous post here or just do a search at the search box around this page.

Facebook and Twitter for blogging is easy!

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