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Monday, May 10, 2010

Back to a familiar place

It is a nice feeling, going back to a place where you used to go daily for 3 years.

It is old yet new, this feeling.

Many of my friends have left, many still around. I had thought it to be a place that never changes. This was a place I once called home.

Oh no, don't mistaken it as "home" home, but rather a place I had friends who worked with me. We sweated together, laughed together and sometimes fight each other. Not all were good times.

I left when I decided to take a higher paying job was more important than staying with a low wage stable job. I took a risk. Back then, it was the SARS period. Ask around and people will tell u that then the mask was the latest fashion accessory and you know not to touch anything without spraying some disinfectant first.

A long time I spend on selling costume jewellery before I decided to go back into the education industry again.

My first job was in a school and during SARS, education was the booming industry. Hardly a surprise since during recession, Singaporeans are told by the government to upgrade their skills or knowledge to better cope with competition when better times hit us.

Been in private education institutions and training centres, also stepped into health care and construction industry. All experiences were good.

Now back to my first job, with more experience, I commanded nearly a 100 jump in salary. Of course, you can argue it is my 10 year of working experience that I am being paid for. Or you may think it is me being lucky to find a job now when times are better.

But I never once regret leaving for greener pastures. You will never know what you don't know will help you in years to come.

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