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Friday, May 21, 2010


Remember PacMan?

I just logged on and there was that irritating sound from Google!

When I looked at my screen, I saw the Pacman logo!

I was (and still am) using my Darling No 1's laptop and wasn't really familiar how to get rid of that sound (surfing to another website did not occur to me at that point in time). So I thought, maybe I can play the game?

It looked like the game was about to start anyway and I got my Ghosts to chase me! ;p

This is indeed a nice touch. It brings back memory of my younger days when I was playing it. I think I was round 10years old when I got addicted!

From Wikipedia

Pac-Man (パックマン Pakkuman?) is an arcade game developed by Namco and licensed for distribution in the U.S. by Midway, first released in Japan on May 22, 1980.[1][2] Immensely popular in the United States from its original release to the present day, Pac-Man is universally considered as one of the classics of the medium, virtually synonymous with video games, and an icon of the 1980s popular culture. Upon its release, the game—and, subsequently, its derivatives—became a social phenomenon[6] that sold a bevy of merchandise and also inspired, among other things,an animated television series and a top-ten hit single.[7]
When Pac-Man was released, the most popular arcade video games were space shooters, in particular Space Invaders and Asteroids.

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Loved and Loves Pacman!

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