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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Emails - How do you organise them?

I am curious.

How do you divide your emails?

Do you organise them by categories or by date or by people?

Or you don't?

I have several email accounts for personal use and several for work.

For work or company emails, I organise them by the nature of the email.

I have a folder for emails I should keep to reply or process later, and a folder for emails that have been read and processed. In the second folder, I further classify them by the nature of the email. I never leave emails in the Inbox or sort by Sender.

For my person emails, I group them by the sender. Usually I subscribe to e-magazines or I get repeat updates from the same email address. I sort these manually and do not use any filters. Just so that I keep myself updated in what comes into my mailbox.

And I do not get any personal mail because I try to get them paperless if I can.

I think I am quite an organised person. How do you manage your email?

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