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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mafia Wars - Navigating Paris and Receiving Mafia War Gift Feature

I am still going around in Paris...

Suddenly realised there is this Job Heat Meter.

Basically there are 3 levels - when you are not tracked, when you are being monitored and when you are in danger.

Just look at the Bar. Comparing Normal and Alerted Level. Also showing a Caution Warning Screen.

I shall stop here as I do not want to use more maps!

Read how I went to Paris and to get Mafia Wars - Paris Maps

By the way now Mafia Wars lets you accept and return the gift, one screen at a time.

Just click on the Email Icon on the top of the screen. The Red Circle will tell you how many gifts you have.

Then you will see  a pop up. Click on the + sign to open up the details.

Let's look at Don Ram's gift for me...

After I click on Accept, the screen shows like 2 second that I have accepted it. It was so fast that I almost missed the screen shot. The names shown are the Nicknames in Mafia War.

Then you go to the normal Gift Receive Page where you will have the option to return the Gift (if you have not sent anything to that person for that day). This page uses the Facebook Name of the friend. I edited this picture.

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