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Monday, May 3, 2010

Mafia Wars - Robbing (Update 3 May 2010)

I wrote about the Mafia Wars Robbing Page on 27 March.

I don't know when but now it is available in all places (except Paris). So you can rob someone in New York, Bangkok, Cuba or Moscow.

And do you know you can find out who robbed you and how much you lost? You can actually rob that person back (though I don't really recommend this. I usually don't retaliate in fights too).

Anyways MA asked me "what to do when they are robbing you in mafia war, i know not to click on it, but how do i rob them back?" and this is what you need to know...

First you can check the message board (bottom left) in Mafia Wars to see who robs you and the amount you have been robbed. You can then click on their name. you will then be brought to their page where you can click on Rob.

The Rob Button is on their page, same as the Attack, Sucker Punch, Add to Hitlist or the Ask Mafia to attack and Let Them Get a Reward.

Best to check their stats before you click on anything...

Anyway once your mind's made up and you click on the Rob, you can choose which property you want to rob from them. There are specific timings you have to follow. I think the location (New York, Bangkok, Cuba or Moscow) makes a difference too.

 Of course, besides this, if you are being robbed, your property may appear to blink. I have not seen this myself but it was posted by my friends. So I can't give you a printscreen to show what I mean.

Anyway if this happens you can actually hover your cursor over the building or click on that building ( I am not sure which) and there should be an option you can do about it.

Anyways, that's about all I know for now. Will update if there are more...

Now, there is this Awesome Armour that I got - Rogue CIA Agent. She looks sexy! and I just click and sent it to some 50 mafia members. Hope you were one of them!

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