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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

FishVille - Super Food Being Retired

Good news!

FishVille is retiring the Super Food. I did not use my SuperFood anyway and it'll be gone by 25 May Tuesday.

I traded in my 5 Caffeine and the picture grayed out...

The screen turned too fast for me to capture when I traded in my 24 Super Grow. But they gave me the correct change :)

I think they are retiring this SuperFood because it is largely unpopular.

I think it was doomed from the start because it did not follow the general games concept. it is hard to earn money from gamers for the Super Food because it is not an essential item. But then again, if you make it an essential item, then it is not a liberal game - you'll be forcing people to do things the way you want to!

Anyways, go trade in your Super Food now :)

I will be updating on the Fish Mastery and Fish Arena hopefully this weekend.

I am truly sorry but I am still trying to find time to write about FishVille. Working life in Singapore pretty much drains all your time!

I wake up at 6am. After hugging my dogs for 15minutes, at 6.15am I will leave my warm bed. Then I will heat up their food and wash their waterbowl. I make it a point to refill their water in the morning.

Then usually they'll finish their breakfast by 6.40am latest. Then it's time for their daily walk. Don't tell me I am cruel to make them walk immediately after they have ate a large meal. They are usually so excited that I am the one being dragged!

I will make myself reach home by 7.10am and it's another 5 minutes spent on washing their beards and legs. The food are usually very soupy or do not contain much oil. But the walk disgusts me. You'll see my Darlings sniffing other dogs' shit and you can imagine the soil and pee that stained their paws...

So 5minutes of soup and another1 or 2 minute to towel their beard and that's it. "Me-Time".... I got to rush to the toilet to bath. This is around 10minutes including putting on my contact lenses. Luckily my brother and mom are usually done with the toilet by this time (that means I don't have to queue or wait for my turn to use it).

So I leave the bathroom feeling refreshed at around 7.30 or 7.35am, depending on my timeliness.

Then 10minutes of make up (including drying my hair and putting the protein hair spray) and I try to finish my breakfast by 7.55am. Complete with a cleaned cup. I do not like to leave used cups lying around. Then I am off to work.

These 3 days (for this week), I did not bring my Darlings out for walk. Simply because it rained the night before. I have this fear of walking on wet grass. Do you know why?

I slipped before when I was young. Anyways, I digress... Now is 10.26pm and I think I got to sell my fishes and get ready to sleep...

Yeah, I will try to do some serious writing this weekend :)

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