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Sunday, May 16, 2010

IT Age

Been blogging on my Magic, so I did not realise my posting were getting shorter and shorter, till I view my blog posts!

Guess this is the IT age where things are no longer done the traditional way.

That was why I was surprised when my colleague NC told me that Access is still being used as the data storage program.

When I joined the company in 2001, I was handling the administration for foreign student pass. My predecessor used Excel to record the data. I suppose it was easy to use and better than words. But me being me, I decided that it was time to innovate and took my personal time to create an Access database. My manager SK was extremely supportive and let me implemented my own tracking system.

She also pushed the way for my system to be used for the whole school.

Subsequently, access become the main database system.

I highly applaud SK's grace in embracing technology. She was not IT savvy but saw the need to make work more productive through technology.

Personally I believe the basic skill one must have to navigate and survive in Singapore's corporate jungle are the Microsoft Words, Excel, Outlook and Lotus Notes.

Other skills can be picked up along the way - software and communications skills.

It is also foresight that lead the Singapore Government to roll out campaigns to encourage skills upgrading. The intentions are good, stemming from realisation that the work force is obedient, like lambs, and needs a stern shepherd with a firm hand and sheep dogs (think Troy and T from FarmVille) to guide their path. Makes me wonder why is that so?

Anyway, make your work easier by having knowledge at your finger tips. Take up a course now! Make your self an expert in Microsoft Office Applications and you will no longer spend time going data entry that technology can do in seconds!

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