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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

An Indian Wedding Solemnization in Singapore

It was an unforgettable Saturday evening.

I tagged along as a dutiful girlfriend to my first Indian wedding engagement. I did not expect much of the event and was afraid I would be over dressed in my gray gown for the event. But my instinct told me that you can never be over dressed for someone's wedding.

It was in a second level on Joo Chiat Street. The place was quite hard to locate. I was glad the location map came attached with the wedding invite.

The entrance of the building seemed merged together with the other commercial companies. The corner pub caught my eye before my boy friend got the cab driver to let us alight just after the crowd in front of the pub.
We headed to the venue and were pleasantly shocked. The interior was well decorated with a black-and-white theme. White roses were given a yellowish glow by the warm lighting. As we quickly regained our composure, we were greeted by familiar faces - the sisters of the bride.

We were sent off to our table; special seating arrangements for cousins only. It has always been like this, cousins all enjoy preferential treatment! We do not need to be bored to tears by the older parents who are more serious!

The Justice of Peace arrived in good time, he was early and extremely joyous.

The event kicked off with a video montage. This seems to be a standard item in Singaporean wedding solemnization or dinner. Then we had the wedding vows which were beautifully written by the newlywed. Even the Justice of Peace complimented them on their wonderful effort!

These were followed by a few round of games. My Darling No 1 and I were arrowed to one of them - we needed to dance on a piece of newspaper which was to be folded in half for each stage.

It was great fun and I even took off my heels for the game but I was so conscious of my tube dress. I did not want a full frontal on the stage! We ended our contest when I stepped out of the boundaries after he lifted me up! Everyone commented we danced very well! Hard to believe since we have never danced before!

The next highlight was the buffet dinner. Traditional Chinese dinner comes in an 8 or 10 course dinner served by the restaurant or eatery. I was still not used to the buffet styled dinner though I had attended  2 other Indian wedding dinners that were conducted similarly.

The grand atmosphere enhanced the taste of the food.

It was indeed a well conceived wedding celebration for the lovely bride and proud groom.
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