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Friday, May 7, 2010

Fishville - Arena : What you need to know (Part 4)

As promised, this is Part 4 of the my series for some of the most common questions about Fishville Arena. Hope I will help to answer what you have been wanting to know.

More about how to take better care of your Arena Fish in this article.

You will need to heal your fish back to good health periodically in the Arena Tank. You can do that by clicking on the Refill Health icon (this post shows how to find the Arena Statistics)

FishVille has decided to give full recovery for each medicine you use per fish. Personally I feel this feature may change in the future. I hope that will not make you pay to have the Arena Tank!

You just click on the fish you want to battle – there are always many to choose from and I just keep battling until I run out of patience for clicking! It will scroll automatically for you to the right as you fight fish but if you want to fight lower fish you have to click backwards every time. That can get a bit annoying – I wish it would do that on its own.

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