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Friday, May 28, 2010

FarmVille - Heeler Puppies

FarmVille added the Heeler Puppies on top of the existing 3 types of puppies. I think it was 22 May 2010?

I did not get this puppy because my Terry (Terrier) and Troy (Border Collie) are already a handful! Been training them daily and it is not an easy task! Blame me on my time management if you must but I absolutely refuse to log into Facebook during work time. Even if I want to, my current PC is so slow that I doubt I can load it in time. I just hate slow PC. My work PC is on XP and has only like 400+ RAM? I kid you not! My new work PC will come in soon, I think in 2 weeks time? It is on Win 7 (thanks to my dear colleague who got a good deal for $1,100) but I am not too sure about the RAM though. I did not read the spec...

Anyways I digress. The Point of this post is to share that FarmVille seems bend on making each of us have at least 1 dog!

Yes I know each dog has special abilities and they appeal to different people. Love dog as I do, I don't think everyone in FarmVille thinks a Farm must have a dog!

I overcome my reluctance of logging in daily because I did not want my dog to starve. It was a chore! Nothing would make me adopt one more dog! I have my Terrier who can harvest from rabbits, and my Troy... Do I need another Sheepdog who can harvest from sheep or the Heeler who can harvest from cattle? I think not! Why would I need them when I have my Handyman?

Man's best friend? Yes but I have my Farmhands, thank you.
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