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Saturday, May 15, 2010

FishVille - VIP Fish

Today FishVille brought in the VIP fish.

I think this was a matter of time, since they got in the Fish Mastery.

This is really a super fast way to level up. And I think it is important to level up in FishVille.

If you do not level up in FishVille, you will not be able to enjoy the many fishes that are available only to higher levels. At higher levels you are also able to buy more tanks.

At my level (currently 68) the same fishes that were made available at the lower levels are not as attractive for their XP and cash when the fish is sold. But I still enjoy keeping the fishes simply because I like the fishes! Just like the Blue Boxfish or Longnose Butterfly and Longnose Hawkfish. By the way now my tank is full of the Black Hamlet because I want to know what is the fish that will appear at the next level ( Rank 2).

I have got a hunch that this Hamlet family will provide the most XP (and maybe Cash) rewards. Let's just see.

Anyway I think the VIP fishes will not appear in the Fish Mastery simply because if they do, then there is no point to keep so many fishes or earn the mastery. If it is so, we should all just spend all our FishVille Dollar!

Anyway the 2 VIP fishes that are just introduced (I bet there will be more if these 2 are well received!) are not as endearing to me as the other fishes. I rather keep the Black Hamlet! Yes I am superficial in that way...

Well, one of them, the Gray Fish (no name available at this stage. I will not be paying to get this fish, by the way) grows in 1 Day. If you pay $25 FishVille Dollar for the pass, you get to pay $75 FishVille Coins to buy the fish for 7 days (aka 1 week). Each fish will then sell for $1,050 FishVille Coins and you get a total XP of (1056 XP + 1056 XP ) 2112 XP or buying and selling the fish.

For me, it means that if I sell 100 fishes (estimation of 200,000 XP), I get the XP to increase 1 level. In another words, I get to go from Level 68 to Level 69! And I currently have 8 tanks. I can really level up super fast! All in a day's work!

Now the Pink VIP Fish gives $562 FishVille Coins if you sell it at maturity of 1 day. The XP you gain from Buying (931 XP) and from Selling (931 XP again) gives you a good head start of 1,862 XP. It may not sound so attractive when compared to the Gray VIP Fish but you pay only $15 FishVille Dollar to access the fish for 7 days. And the fish can be bought for only $60 FishVille Coins. That means that you actually pay less for more!

Mathematically speaking, the access pass that you pay with FishVille Dollar is:

Gray VIP Fish ($25 FishVille Dollar / 7 days) = $3.57 FishVille Dollar per day
Pink VIP Fish ($15 FishVille Dollar / 7 days) = $2.14 FishVille Dollar per day

If you look at the amount of money for each fish:

Gray VIP Fish (2112 XP / $75 FishVille Coins) = 28.16 XP per FishVille Dollar
Pink VIP Fish (1862 XP / $60 FishVille Coins) = 31.03 XP per FishVille Dollar

So if you are willing to spend your FIshVille Dollar, please go for the Pink VIP Fish (oh okay, now I see their names from the Store - Kole Tang... and the Gray VIP Fish is the Convict Surgeon! What a funny name!)

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