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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How to Open Files with 1 Single Click

It made my life easier!

My Darling No 1 told me that he missed his old mouse. Because  1 click - double click!

I told him he can set it and he replied "Is it?"

Well, here is how you can do it.

Step 1) Open Windows Explorer
Step 2) Go to Folder Options
Step 3) Select the Option under the General Tab: single-click to open an item

Well... He did not get what I told him and I made a printscreen. (make sure you open your Windows Explorer first!)

Then later he told me that he did not know he can press ALT from the Windows Explorer to get to the Folder Options... *Grins* This is something only an IT Idiot like me will know... because I have to try everything *wink*

Part of our MSN Conversation:

very easy one. Open Windows Explorer then u press Alt to bring up the File Menu
 Look for Options  then l k for the option - click items as follow : single click to open...

Darling No 1:
din knoe e alt thing

Hope you try this, it really makes clicking less of a hassle! And yes, this works for all Windows I used before. Not only Windows 7 but also XP, or what-nots...

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