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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

MSN File Sending Progress

My Darling No 1 sent me three photos... and I just realised that the MSN shows the percentage of the files during the sending (aka progress).

Of course, my main intention is to show the picture that he was sending me. This picture was taken when I was cleaning my Darling No 1's cupboard. The Naughty Boy and Naughty Girl were supervising my cleaning! I thought to let them have a go at the cupboard. So I put them into the cupboard to check if it is clean enough!

Darling No 2 got bored and yawned while I took the photograph. Darling No 3 looked ready to jump off the shelf (but on hindsight, she would never dare!) and I quickly put them on the ground.

Actually if my memory serves me correctly, Darling No 1 actually closed the cupboard door! None of them made any sound! It really tickled both of us!

Darling No 1 commented how nice Darling No 2's furnishing were... Just over 3 years ago! Okay okay, I did not take care of them as well as I would like to but I am already doing my best, squeezing what little time I have at home now for them... Yeah, it's late and I need to grab some sleep! Or I would be late for work tomorrow (these 3 days we are told to report to work 1/2hr earlier as we are in the midst of being assessed by the EduTrust assessors, more of that later!)


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