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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sorority Life - Cherry Blossum Event

I did the Cherry Blossom Event and got the sweet dress :)

Used up all the accessories that my sisters sent me, Thank you Sisters!

This is the event. You need 2 Energy, 1 Sister, and the items which are listed further down this page.

This is the screen you should see after the event has completed

The Glam Reward is the Asymmetrical Kimono Dress. It has 27 Charm and 24 Popularity. I think everyone can have only 1 piece since it is not purchasable.

This is me wearing it... The left one is with the accessories for the event, and the right one shows how I would accessorize myself.


Now just to show you, there is another similar dress - the Blue Summer Yukata.

Actually it is a good idea to do all these events because even if you don't collect the full set of items you are able to use the Charms and Popularity for the collectibles...


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