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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mafia Wars - May 2010 Updates

Sorry guys, there are just too many stuff so I am lumping everything in one post.

There is this Call for Backup when you are robbing properties.

I started having this Crew Collection thing and just thought this is a nice picture to show you ;p

If you missed out playing Mafia Wars recently, you would have missed also the chance to send One-Click items to 50 mafia members. The first gift was the Death Dealer Minigun which had 43 Attack and 64 Defence points.

And also (just to show off) I got the Job Mastery for Paris Stage 1, or was it Chapter 1? Anyway, it wasn't that big of a deal! The Parisan Fixer gave only a 30 Attack and 61 Defence Points.

Oh and I got the Robbing screen that I wanted to show you about.

I was in Cuba Properties and I was being robbed. So there is this special color that you will see to alert you. For me, it was the Factory that was being robbed. So of course I clicked the Collect button for that property immediately to avoid more damages!

So it showed Success...

And there was this Secret Code thing. I think it is a daily thing that you get when you log in. I got another one on Day 2 too. But I don't think this will really tempt me to log in daily.

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