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Monday, March 1, 2010

Mafia Wars - Character Type

I was arguing with my friend for the Character Type for Mafia Wars... He found it easy to level up and asked me why I wasn't doing so, since we started playing around the same time.

Well, this is truly significant.

Then I went to read up more on the different Character Types and here is what I found.

There are three basic character types in Mafia Wars: Maniacs, Mogul and Fearless.

Maniacs level up very quickly because of the faster energy regeneration. Moguls are better in money regeneration and Fearless wins in the health regeneration.

Thus it is very clear that my friend will level up faster than me and he told me that he always throw all his skill points into energy!

Here is a better picture for you to do your maths.

                         Energy: every 3 min
                         Health: every 3 min
                         Money: every 60 min
                         Stamina: every 5 min

                         Energy: every 5 min
                         Health: every 3 min
                         Money: every 54 min
                         Stamina: every 5 min

                         Energy: every 5 in
                         Health: every 2 in
                         Money: every 60 min
                         Stamina: every 5 min

You will also want to know that the:

Maniac is the only character type to be a Top Mafia Button man. This means you have a chance to automatically win any fights you start, if your friend assign you as their Top Mafia. Another good point to being the Top Mafia is that you will win about 5% of the Critical hits.

Mogul is the only character type to be a Top Mafia Bagman. This means you have a chance to double the money from jobs,  if your friend assign you as their Top Mafia. Since the Mafia Cash is not really useful in the higher stages, most of us will not choose to invest in the propery or the Bagman Awards...

Fearless is the only character type to be a Top Mafia Wheelman. This means you have a chance to complete jobs without spending any energy,  if your friend assign you as their Top Mafia. Well, I am a Fearless if you need me as your Top Mafia...

If you want to change your character type after reading all these, well, sorry to tell you but changing your character type is not an available option. You will need to reset your character and start over.

To reset your Mafia Wars character you will need to remove the application for a 90-day period. This means you go to your Accounts > Application Setting and click on the Remove for Mafia Wars. If you re-install Mafia Wars at any time during this 90-day period, the time frame will automatically restart. You will be able to start a new character after the 90-day period. (Read my entry on Facebook Applications here)

Some of you may also be interested to know if you should change your character's name. Well, this can be done easily if you are willing to trade in 15 Godfather points under MarketPlace > Stat Items > New Name. The Godfather will never turn you down *wink*.

Please do go and change your awful Default Don to some remarkable names like Butt8rfly (Isn't my name nice *grins*)

Of course you will want to know more... you always do...

Well another thing you should know is your character's title is always automatically promoted. Once you complete all the mastery of the jobs on a particular tier level, you will be able to take on the new title under Profile.

I will be blogging more on Mafia Wars soon...

Leaving you with my favourite Mafia Wars Notice:

Mafia Wars is getting complicated!

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